A Merry X-Mess: Kenyan Christmas Feature Premieres on Showmax

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When extended family with different personalities and agendas come together for Christmas, chaos is bound to ensue.

In A Merry X-Mess, the second-ever Kenyan Christmas feature, the Nyatis must navigate through the seven days of Christmas without driving each other crazy.

The competitive family matriarch Zawadi invites her equally competitive sister from the village to help her win the annual family Christmas choir competition at church, leading to inevitable clashes.

Zawadi also tries to meddle in her son’s love life, while her daughter, visiting from America, struggles with African traditions imposed by her uncle and contemplates moving back home for good.

As modern beliefs and traditions clash, and with the ultimate choir competition bringing out the worst and best in them, can the spirit of Christmas bring joy to the Nyati family?

Directed by Gilbert Lukalia and written by Damaris Irungu, A Merry X-Mess is described as a “fun, escapist, heart-warming delight” that can be enjoyed by families across Africa.

The film features a talented cast, including Regina Re, Melissa Kiplagat, Bruce Makau, Sheila Munyiva, Mufasa Kibet, Joel Kennedy Otukho, Naomi Ramtu, and others.

A Merry X-Mess is the second Christmas feature film in Kenya and premieres exclusively on Showmax on 15 December.

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