Absa Bank, Visa Partner to launch Mobi Tap – a Tap to Pay solution

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Absa Bank Kenya has partnered with Visa to launch the Absa Mobi Tap solution, which allows small businesses to accept card-based payments from customers using an Android smartphone.

This innovative solution leverages the smartphone as a point of sale (POS), making the purchasing process quicker and more convenient for both merchants and customers.

How To Use Mobi Tap

To use the Absa Mobi Tap solution, merchants simply need to download the Absa Mobi Tap app from the Play Store onto their Android smartphone.

They can then set up their profile and start accepting card payments without the need for a traditional PDQ/POS machine.

When processing a payment, the merchant enters the transaction amount, and the customer can simply tap their contactless card on the back of the smartphone and enter their PIN if required to complete the purchase.

The Absa Mobi Tap solution utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities to enable communication between the merchant’s device and the customer’s contactless payment card.

This solution is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially those with mobile operations that previously relied on cash or electronic funds transfer (EFT). It is already being used by merchants such as ride-hailing drivers, restaurants, salons, and hardware shops.

Elizabeth Wasunna, Absa Bank Kenya’s Business Banking Director, expressed excitement about introducing this first-to-market solution that provides merchants with an innovative and cost-effective way to accept contactless payments.

The Absa Mobi Tap solution enables businesses accept payments in a faster, easier, and more secure manner. This aligns with Absa Bank Kenya’s commitment to providing cutting-edge, tailored solutions to its customers.

Under the Absa Mobi Tap proposition, Absa Bank Kenya will offer an instalment plan to merchants for purchasing NFC-enabled smartphones.

This launch also aligns with the recent introduction of a Standard QR Code in Kenya, which aims to boost digital payment usage by making transactions easier, faster, more convenient, and more secure for both service providers and banks.

Overall, the Absa Mobi Tap solution is an innovative and convenient way for small businesses in Kenya to accept card-based payments.

By leveraging the smartphone as a POS, merchants can streamline their operations and provide a seamless payment experience for their customers.

This solution contributes to the ongoing digital transformation in Kenya’s financial sector and promotes the adoption of a cashless society.

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