Ad Dynamo by Aleph Appoints José Gonsalves as MD for East Africa

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Ad Dynamo by Aleph has recently announced its appointment of José Gonsalves as the Managing Director for East Africa.

This strategic decision highlights the company’s dedication to expanding its digital advertising services in the region, as well as breaking down barriers in the industry.

Ad Dynamo by Aleph, known as the exclusive media buying extension for major platforms such as Spotify, Twitter, Snap, and Yahoo in Africa, is pushing the boundaries to enable digital advertising in emerging markets.

With this appointment, Gonsalves will be responsible for overseeing the digital workstreams, deliverables, and overall management of Ad Dynamo by Aleph’s suite of platforms and networks.

The growth of Aleph in recent years has been nothing short of remarkable, defying industry norms and weathering the challenging market conditions.

Gonsalves was drawn to the company by its unique ability to stay agile and make quick, necessary decisions to better serve its clients, even with its impressive scale.

Looking ahead, Gonsalves recognizes the host of opportunities that lie in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and he aims to position Aleph at the forefront of these developments. He emphasizes the need for a shift towards viewing media buying as a powerful tool rather than a mere transactional process.

Bringing in a wealth of experience in local market nuances and agency operations, Gonsalves is confident in his ability to communicate effectively with clients using tailored narratives. With 15 years of professional experience in digital media, primarily working with multinational corporations in Africa and Europe, Gonsalves has a proven track record of success.

He kickstarted his career at Acceleration Media, managing notable clients such as ESPN North America and Microsoft. He then moved on to become the Digital Ad Operations Manager for Media24 at Naspers. In 2015, Gonsalves took on the role of Global Programmatic Manager at Addsuite, where he was responsible for managing billings exceeding $25,000,000.

Gonsalves’ appointment as Managing Director for East Africa signals Ad Dynamo by Aleph’s commitment to strengthening its presence, expanding its services, and harnessing the power of digital advertising in this high-potential region.

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