Apple Reclaims Title as World’s Most Valuable Brand

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Apple has experienced remarkable growth in brand value this year, with an increase of $219 billion (74%) to reach U$517 billion, thereby reasserting its position as the world’s most valuable brand.

Each year, brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance rigorously evaluates 5,000 of the most prominent brands. The annual Brand Finance Global 500 2024 ranking encompasses the world’s top 500 most valuable and strongest global brands.

Despite a plateau in iPhone sales, Apple has achieved a notable surge in brand value through its effective strategy of venturing into new markets, expanding its ecosystem, and promoting the adoption of higher-value iPhones.

The company has consistently maintained its dominance in the premium smartphone market, boasting a 71% market share.

David Haigh, Chairman and CEO of Brand Finance, commented, “Apple has augmented its brand value through strategic diversification and premiumization. Our research indicates that over 50% of respondents perceive Apple as expensive, yet worth the price, thereby reinforcing the brand’s ability to command a premium price.”

NVIDIA’s brand value has surged by 163% to reach USD44.5 billion, making it the fastest-growing brand globally.

As a key chip supplier in the AI sector, NVIDIA is widely regarded as highly innovative, with increased levels of familiarity, consideration, and recommendation, as revealed by Brand Finance’s research.

Deutsche Telekom, with a brand value increase of 17% to USD73.3 billion, has secured the position of the world’s most valuable telecoms brand, surpassing Verizon (brand value up 6% to USD71.8 billion). Ranked 9th globally, it also stands as the most valuable European brand.

Tesla, with a brand value decrease of 12% to USD58.3 billion, has fallen out of the top 10, landing at 18th place, while BYD’s brand value has risen by 20% to USD12.1 billion, enabling it to surpass Tesla and become the world’s largest EV manufacturer.

Despite BYD’s greater production volume, Tesla’s brand value remains five times that of BYD, underscoring the enduring significance of brands as corporate assets.

This allows Tesla to command a premium price, bolster its company value, and potentially foster renewed growth.

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