BlackRhino VR Launches AR Platform “MediAR” to Empower African Content Creators

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BlackRhino VR, a Kenyan-based tech company specializing in Extended Reality technologies, has recently unveiled its new Augmented Reality (AR) platform, “MediAR.”

This innovative platform is tailored to empower digital creators in the creative space, enabling them to swiftly produce AR content without the need for coding.

MediAR offers content creators a user-friendly, no-code cloud editor and publishing platform, leveraging drag-and-drop technology to streamline the AR content creation process.

By eliminating the complexities associated with coding, this platform aims to facilitate the seamless production of AR content.

Moreover, BlackRhino VR has introduced an inclusive revenue share model within MediAR, allowing creators to monetize their content through a pay-per-view service.

This approach fosters a collaborative environment where content creators and brands can thrive in the digital sphere.

Established in 2015, BlackRhino VR is dedicated to reshaping the African narrative through immersive Virtual Reality content.

CEO Brian Afande emphasized that the MediAR platform reflects the company’s commitment to unlocking Africa’s creative sector through AR, with a focus on empowering the continent’s youth and democratizing extended reality technologies to drive socio-economic development.

Afande also highlighted the platform’s potential to showcase Africa’s capacity for developing innovative technological solutions, challenging the misconception that the continent is solely a consumer of technology.

Looking ahead, BlackRhino VR anticipates that the integration of Extended Reality (XR) technologies, including AR, VR, and mixed reality (MR), into various sectors will positively impact Africa’s economy.

With the global XR market projected to exceed $100 billion by 2026, the company envisions a transformative role for XR technology in Africa’s economic development.

Longino Muluka, Head of VR/AR at BlackRhino VR, emphasized the potential of AR to revolutionize industries such as construction, where technology and creativity converge to enhance visualization tools and add value to the sector.

Furthermore, the company foresees AR’s potential to revolutionize education and agriculture.

Shamina Rajab, Managing Director of BlackRhino VR, highlighted the potential for AR to create immersive learning environments, while COO Abraham Kyalo emphasized its role in democratizing agricultural insights and driving positive socio-economic change within the farming sector.

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