Burundi To Launch 5G as ARCT Unveils Deployment Roadmap

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Burundi’s Telecommunications Regulator Aims to Overcome Frequency Challenges to Bring 5G to the Country by July 2024

The Telecommunications Regulation and Control Agency (ARCT) of Burundi has taken a significant step forward in its mission to bring 5G services to the country.

A roadmap, recently published by the ARCT, has set a clear target of July 2024 for the introduction of commercial 5G services.

The ARCT acknowledges that one of the major hurdles in developing 5G is the availability of frequencies. Without timely access to sufficient spectrum under appropriate conditions, the successful deployment of 5G becomes a challenge.

Spectrum increase

To address this issue, the ARCT’s roadmap includes plans to assign a continuous band ranging from 60MHz to 100MHz in the sub-6GHz bands. Additionally, they intend to allocate at least 800MHz of millimetre-wave (mmWave) spectrum above 6GHz.

The regulator has scheduled the release of spectrum in various frequency bands for December 2023. These bands include 700MHz, 2.3GHz, 2.5GHz, 3.5GHz, and 26GHz. By January 2024, authorizations for testing 5G will be granted, allowing stakeholders to validate the technology’s capabilities.

It is worth noting that the specifics surrounding these authorizations are yet to be finalized. The roadmap highlights that depending on spectrum availability and market demand, the ARCT may implement a mechanism, such as an auction, to select candidates for utilizing the predetermined spectrum.

Public Awareness

To ensure widespread understanding and acceptance of 5G, the ARCT has committed to supporting a comprehensive public awareness program. This initiative, slated to commence in August 2023, aims to outline the numerous benefits that 5G will bring to Burundi.

By emphasizing the advantages, the ARCT aims to generate enthusiasm and excitement among consumers and businesses alike.

With the backing of this public awareness program and all the necessary preparations, Burundi is on track to launch commercial 5G services by July 2024.

The roadmap outlined by the ARCT demonstrates their commitment to overcoming frequency challenges and positioning Burundi at the forefront of telecommunications technology.

As the country progresses towards this exciting new era of connectivity, the impact of 5G on various industries and society as a whole is eagerly awaited.

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