CASHPLUS Ventures to Showcase Innovation at GITEX Africa 2024

Aiden Kiprop
By Aiden Kiprop 2 Min Read

CASHPLUS Group’s investment arm, CASHPLUS Ventures, is set to participate in GITEX Africa 2024.

Hosted from May 29 to 31 in Marrakech, the event is a leading technology trade show on the continent.

The involvement of CASHPLUS Ventures at GITEX Africa represents a significant milestone in the company’s growth and innovation strategy.

With a focus on supporting high-potential startups, particularly in the fintech, logistics, and mobility tech sectors, CASHPLUS Ventures aims to showcase its dedication to fostering innovation and forging strategic partnerships.

At the forefront of this initiative are three standout startups under the tutelage of CASHPLUS Ventures: Tawssil, Sle3ti, and Weego.

These companies are disrupting their respective industries with groundbreaking solutions, from on-demand delivery services to innovative consumer goods distribution platforms and urban mobility optimization technologies.

As GITEX Africa unfolds, CASHPLUS Ventures will unveil an interactive booth designed to captivate attendees and spark collaboration opportunities.

Among the highlights is “The Pitch Elevator,” a unique platform where visitors can pitch their projects through recorded videos, offering a platform for emerging talents to shine and fostering a culture of open innovation.

The setup promises an immersive experience, underscoring CASHPLUS Ventures’ dedication to driving innovation and cultivating professional connections.

All participants at GITEX Africa are encouraged to visit the CASHPLUS Ventures booth, seize the chance to showcase their entrepreneurial flair, and explore the possibilities of collaboration in the dynamic tech landscape.

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