Check Point Research Raises Concerns Over Google Bard’s Security Limitations

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In the ever-expanding landscape of Generative AI platforms, Google Bard has recently come under scrutiny for its security limitations.

Check Point Research (CPR) conducted a thorough security analysis on Google Bard, the latest addition to the intelligent platform lineup, and compared it to the well-known ChatGPT.

The findings of CPR’s analysis revealed multiple vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited by cybercriminals.

One of the key concerns highlighted by CPR is the ease with which Google Bard allows the creation of phishing emails. This raises concerns about the platform’s ability to restrict and prevent malicious attempts by cybercriminals.

Additionally, CPR’s analysis uncovered the potential threat of malware keyloggers, which are surveillance tools used to monitor and record keystrokes on targeted computers. Furthermore, basic ransomware code was also found to be easily generated on the platform.

CPR remains committed to monitoring these concerning trends and developments closely, and will report on any new findings as necessary. To gain further insights into their analysis, readers are encouraged to refer to the full blog on this topic or consult with a CPR expert.

Sergey Shykevich, Threat Intelligence Group Manager at Check Point Research, expressed his observations on the matter.

He noted that Google Bard appears to have not learned from the initial implementation of ChatGPT, which underwent improvements to enhance its anti-abuse measures and deter cyber and phishing attacks in the past six months.

Shykevich emphasized that while Google Bard is in its early stages, it is crucial for the platform to consider and implement the necessary limitations and security boundaries as it continues to develop.

As the industry continues to advance in Generative AI, it is imperative for platform developers like Google to prioritize robust security measures to protect users from potential cyber threats.

CPR’s analysis serves as a reminder of the significance of stringent security protocols and ongoing efforts to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

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