CREST Launches Updated Global Cybersecurity Certification Exam with Pearson VUE

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CREST, a global not-for-profit membership body representing the cybersecurity industry, has announced the global launch of its new Registered Penetration Tester (CRT) certification.

This certification is now accessible in over 70 countries and available at over 1000 Pearson VUE test centers, providing greater accessibility for individuals seeking to enhance and develop their cybersecurity skills to meet industry standards.

In response to the evolving needs of the cybersecurity sector, CREST has also updated the CRT exam, an intermediate level test that evaluates a candidate’s ability to perform penetration testing tasks.

The updated exam offers a deeper knowledge assessment and introduces new content and sections not previously covered.

The revised content includes a broader range of topics such as Windows and Linux file permissions, processes and exploitations, mail and OS command injection, and Web Application logic flaws, among others. CREST’s expert assessors have rigorously tested and incorporated the new content into the exam.

Nick Benson, CEO of CREST, stated that CREST’s mission has always been to elevate the quality and professionalism of cybersecurity practices, particularly in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, red teaming, incident response, and threat intelligence.

“Our commitment to ensuring cybersecurity professionals adhere to rigorous ethical and technical standards is reflected in the growing popularity and recognition of our CRT qualification on an international scale.”

The CRT certification is widely recognized by employers, buyers of cyber services, and regulators globally. It is mandated as the standard requirement in many regions and remains the technical exam aligned with NCSC’s CHECK Team Member in the UK.

The new CRT maintains the high standards and security expected of CREST exams, serving as a mark of distinction for individuals and a demonstration of competence for employers and regulators.

During the launch period, CREST is offering the new CRT exam at a 75% discount for employees of member companies and a 40% discount for others. This promotional offer is valid until 31 January 2024. Candidates must book their new CRT exam by 31 January 2024 and complete the exam by 30 April 2024 to take advantage of this offer.

Candidates are required to hold a valid CREST Practitioner Security Analyst (CPSA) certification before taking the CRT exam. The CPSA exam is also widely available at Pearson VUE centers and is discounted during the launch promotional period.

Andy Woolhead, CREST’s Head of Cyber Skills and Certifications, highlighted that they have thoroughly updated the exam while maintaining the high standards expected by their member companies and exam candidates.

“We have taken significant measures to ensure the quality of the new exam, with the support of our expert assessors and the broader CREST Community. The new CRT test now offers a more balanced assessment across infrastructure and web, testing a broader skillset. This is part of our commitment to fully support cybersecurity professionals in their ongoing professional development.”

Woolhead added, “CREST research has revealed significant variation in the quality of Pen Tests, and the lack of defined standards complicates the landscape.

The CRT exam has been designed to reflect current Pen Test practices and accurately assess an individual’s knowledge, skills, and experience.

With availability in over 70 countries, we are witnessing a more logical progression toward standardization across the sector, which is a positive development.”

CREST certifications ensure that cybersecurity professionals are qualified, ethical, and competent.

The wider availability of CREST’s updated globally recognized CRT qualification is a crucial step toward creating greater standardization in the largely unregulated cybersecurity industry.

Pearson VUE, a well-established global computer-based testing (CBT) and assessment services provider, now offers physical proctoring to ensure the integrity of the exam. The new exam features a virtual machine (VM) of tools accessible during the test, allowing candidates to familiarize themselves with these tools as part of their preparation, rather than bringing their own laptop.

CREST provides a recognized career path from entry into the industry to experienced senior tester level, working closely with numerous technical information security providers to support and guide the development of its examinations and career paths.

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