Deepgram Acquires Poised AI Coach, Bolstering Voice-Powered Communication Tools

Aiden Kiprop
By Aiden Kiprop 2 Min Read

Deepgram, a leader in foundational voice AI technology, has announced the acquisition of Poised, the company behind the popular Poised AI Coach service.

The move brings Poised’s innovative tech and integrations, along with key engineering talent, into the Deepgram fold.

Poised AI Coach is a communication tool that uses voice AI to provide real-time feedback during online meetings. Compatible with major platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet, Poised helps users improve by offering personalized suggestions on aspects like filler words, confidence, and energy.

“Voice is on track to become the go-to interface for interacting with computers,” said Deepgram CEO Scott Stephenson. “To unlock its full potential, AI needs to integrate seamlessly with our daily workflows. Poised AI Coach exemplifies this vision, providing a valuable, intelligent assistant that enhances real-time conversations.”

This acquisition strengthens Deepgram’s existing position in speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and audio intelligence solutions. By adding Poised AI Coach, Deepgram not only showcases the future possibilities of voice AI but also offers immediate benefits to users seeking to elevate their virtual meeting experiences.

“We’re excited to welcome the Poised team and their product to Deepgram,” Stephenson added. “This acquisition empowers users to leverage voice AI for personal communication improvement, paving the way for enhanced customer experiences, increased productivity, and further technological innovation.”

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