Flutterwave, Microsoft Partner to Drive Global Digital Payments on Azure Cloud Platform

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Flutterwave has announced a strategic agreement with Microsoft to drive global digital payments on Azure Cloud Platform.

This collaboration highlights Flutterwave’s commitment to providing businesses and individuals with access to top-notch services and driving digital transformation on a global scale.

The partnership entails Flutterwave building its next-generation platform on Microsoft Azure, leveraging the cloud platform to power payments infrastructure.

This move solidifies Azure’s role in enabling seamless, reliable, and secure payment experiences for global clients such as Uber, Netflix, and Microsoft. The engagement will also facilitate the growth of transactions processed on Flutterwave’s platform.

Key Flutterwave products, including Flutterwave for Business, Send by Flutterwave, Flutterwave Store, and Flutterwave for Fintech Platform, are being developed and transitioned onto the robust Azure cloud platform.

Additionally, Flutterwave is making use of Azure OpenAI Service capabilities to scale its product offerings to millions of merchants worldwide.

Founder and CEO of Flutterwave, Olugbenga Agboola, expressed his appreciation for Microsoft’s invaluable partnership, emphasizing Azure’s critical role in managing high-volume payment processing during peak periods.

Agboola stated that deepening their collaboration with Microsoft was the logical next step for Flutterwave to drive the transformation of global commerce.

Gurbhej Dhillon, Chief Technology Officer at Flutterwave, highlighted the developer leverage provided by Microsoft Azure, which empowers them to better serve their clients. Dhillon also mentioned the excitement about scaling with Azure OpenAI Service to expand their reach to even more merchants globally.

Microsoft Corporation General Manager, Mike Gaal, affirmed their longstanding support for Flutterwave’s core operations on Microsoft Azure and expressed excitement about fueling Flutterwave’s growth and innovation through this expanded collaboration.

Gaal reiterated Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more and mentioned that working with Flutterwave brings them closer to achieving their mission in Africa.

This partnership between Flutterwave and Microsoft signifies a significant milestone for the African payments industry. With the collaboration intentions set on powering payments to and from Africa, the potential for growth and impact across the continent is immense.

As Flutterwave continues to pave the way for global commerce, the range of services offered by Microsoft will undoubtedly support their aspirations.

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