Global Cybersecurity Training Investment Exceeds $100,000 Annually – Kaspersky

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A recent global study by Kaspersky has revealed that over 70% of businesses pay more than USD $100,000 annually for additional training to keep their cybersecurity employees’ skills up to date.

Despite this investment, companies highlighted a lack of relevant courses covering new challenging spheres in the educational market and expressed disappointment in the results of their training efforts.

In their study titled ‘The portrait of the modern Information Security professional’, Kaspersky delved into the global cybersecurity staff shortage, examining why businesses lack cybersecurity experts and how they assess and upskill their cybersecurity workforce.

The research found that companies are making substantial investments in upskilling their cybersecurity teams, with 43% spending between $100,000 and $200,000 per year on information security courses, and 31% investing over $200,000. The remaining 26% typically pay less than $100,000 for educational initiatives.

However, cybersecurity practitioners noted that the educational market is struggling to keep pace with the rapidly evolving industry, leading to a lack of timely delivery of necessary training programs.

Survey results from the Middle East, Turkey, Africa (META) region revealed that 48% of respondents faced challenges due to the scarcity of courses covering new and complex areas in cybersecurity training.

Additionally, half of the respondents from the META region mentioned that trainees often forget what they’ve learned due to a lack of opportunities to apply their knowledge practically. Moreover, 37% highlighted issues with unspecified pre-requisites such as coding and advanced mathematics at the pre-registration stage.

Veniamin Levtsov, VP at Kaspersky, emphasized the importance of continuously improving the skills of cybersecurity personnel to combat sophisticated cyber threats effectively. He suggested developing internal expertise to retain and nurture existing employees, rather than constantly seeking new candidates.

To enhance cybersecurity teams, Kaspersky experts recommend investing in quality cybersecurity courses, using interactive simulators to test employees’ expertise, and providing in-depth visibility into cyber threats targeting the organization.

These strategies aim to equip InfoSec professionals with the necessary skills to defend against cyberattacks effectively.

The full report, detailing the global shortfall of qualified InfoSec professionals, can be accessed through this link.

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