GoldPesa Launches Blockchain Academy in Nairobi

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Blockchain technology company, GoldPesa, has recently inaugurated its groundbreaking blockchain academy in the heart of Kenya’s capital.

The aim of the academy is to fill the knowledge gap and debunk various myths surrounding blockchain-related digital assets and Web 3 technologies.

GoldPesa’s Academy Kenya is equipped with cutting-edge facilities and offers a curriculum specifically tailored for individuals eager to delve into the world of blockchain.

The target audience includes the existing 4 million crypto owners as well as newcomers to the blockchain sector.

Kenya’s dominance in the crypto space is evident. According to a report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), 8.5 percent of the population, equivalent to 4.25 million people, own cryptocurrencies in the country.

This places Kenya ahead of developed countries like the United States, which ranks sixth with 8.3 percent of its population embracing digital currencies.

Shamik Raja, CEO of GoldPesa, envisions the academy as a catalyst for revolutionizing the financial landscape in Kenya. GoldPesa Academy Kenya aims to not only bridge the knowledge gap but also empower individuals to fully grasp the transformative potential of Web 3 technologies.

By offering practical insights and actionable knowledge, the academy aims to equip students with the tools and skills necessary to succeed in the digital era.

Raja highlighted the scarcity of quality blockchain education programs in the market, stating, “In an oversaturated landscape of obsolete information and redundant courses, aspiring blockchain and crypto education learners often face disappointment.”

GoldPesa Academy Kenya aims to raise the bar by providing students with up-to-date and practical information, fostering a community of learners who can confidently navigate the digital realm.

The comprehensive curriculum at GoldPesa Academy Kenya offers a range of courses tailored to the demands of the digital economy. From Passive Income Masterclasses to Decentralized Finance Masterclasses, students have the opportunity to explore various aspects of the digital finance landscape.

The academy also provides professional training programs on topics such as “How to Tokenize Your Business” and “Create a million-dollar digital asset portfolio.” With a focus on practicality and actionable strategies, students can acquire the skills needed to succeed in this rapidly evolving industry.

Yadav Jani, Director of GoldPesa Academy Kenya, emphasized the academy’s mission to educate and impact lives by enabling individuals to grasp blockchain technology and leverage it for business opportunities and income generation.

The academy aims to serve as an educational hub, allowing the public to gain a deeper understanding of blockchain and its applications.

The GoldPesa Academy Kenya is conveniently located at ABC Place in the Westlands area of Nairobi.

With its state-of-the-art facilities and forward-thinking curriculum, the academy is poised to become a hub of innovation and knowledge in the blockchain space, empowering individuals to embrace the transformative potential of web 3 technologies.

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