Google Wallet Launches in Morocco, Expanding Its Reach in Africa

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Google has announced the expansion of Google Wallet services to Morocco, making it the second African nation to officially support the popular payment platform after South Africa.

The introduction of Google Wallet in Morocco has been met with enthusiasm, marking a positive step towards providing convenient payment solutions in the region.

However, the pace of Google’s expansion across Africa has been relatively slow, with the addition of Morocco coming almost two years after the platform’s debut in South Africa. This cautious approach by Google reflects the company’s strategy of carefully introducing its products and services to the continent.

Africa boasts a well-established mobile money ecosystem, with platforms like MPESA, Orange Money, MTN Mobile Money, and Airtel Money already serving millions of users. The presence of these platforms may have contributed to Google’s measured approach in expanding Google Wallet’s reach in Africa.

The launch in Morocco raises questions about whether Google will now accelerate its efforts to enter other African markets, potentially targeting key mobile hubs such as Kenya and Nigeria.

In addition to the Google Wallet expansion, the latest Google Play services v24.11 update brings a host of improvements for Android users. The update enhances the process of pairing wearables with new phones, ensuring a smoother experience for users.

Furthermore, the update includes system management enhancements that promise improved device performance across various Android platforms, including phones, Android Auto, Android TV, and Wear OS devices. Users can also expect a refreshed user interface for creating profiles and signing in to Play Games Services.

The rollout of the Google Play services v24.11 update is now underway for Android devices worldwide. Moroccan users can now take advantage of Google Wallet’s convenience and security features, while users globally will benefit from the enhanced performance and user experience offered by the update.

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