IBM Unveils Advanced Threat Detection Using A.I

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IBM has announced the next phase of its managed detection and response service offerings, featuring cutting-edge AI technologies.

These advancements will enable the automatic escalation or closure of up to 85% of security alerts, significantly accelerating response times and strengthening clients’ security posture.

The newly launched Threat Detection and Response Services (TDR) provide comprehensive 24×7 monitoring, investigation, and automated remediation of security alerts across hybrid cloud environments.

This includes existing security tools, cloud-based, on-premise, and operational technologies. With IBM’s advanced security services platform and its powerful AI capabilities, the services deliver efficient threat detection and response while minimizing noise and prioritizing critical threats.

“Today’s security teams face an onslaught of attackers and an overwhelming number of vulnerabilities, alerts, and security tools,” explained Chris McCurdy, General Manager of Worldwide IBM Consulting Cybersecurity Services.

By leveraging advanced analytics, real-time threat intelligence, and human expertise, IBM’s Threat Detection and Response Services empower organizations to scale their security defenses and stay resilient against evolving threats.

The backbone of these services is a set of AI-powered security technologies that have been meticulously designed and validated to support thousands of clients around the globe. With IBM’s vast security network and the integration of multiple layers of AI and contextual threat intelligence, clients can benefit from a scalable solution that continuously improves to address tomorrow’s threats.

IBM’s commitment to enhancing its detection and response capabilities sets the stage for an exciting future in the field of cybersecurity. As organizations face increasingly sophisticated threats, the advanced AI technologies showcased in the new TDR Services promise to deliver unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

With IBM’s latest offerings, clients can harness the power of AI to automate security monitoring and response, freeing up their security teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than getting bogged down in alert overload. As the threat landscape evolves and adapts, organizations can rely on IBM’s expertise and innovative solutions to stay one step ahead.

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