indaHash Launches Operations in Kenya, Transforming Influencer Marketing

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By Brian Yatich, Published on 08/12/2023

indaHash, part of ArabyAds Group on Friday announced expansion into Kenyan market, shaping influencer marketing landscape.

With an established track record of impactful ventures in South Africa dating back to 2017 and successful collaborations with renowned clients like the South African Tourism Board, indaHash is poised to carve its niche in Kenya.

The company has already left its mark through campaigns executed for major local brands such as Carrefour, Mastercard, and Kenya Airways.

Since its inception in 2016, indaHash has been a catalyst in revolutionizing influencer marketing across 115 global markets.

With over 600 triumphant campaigns under its belt and a network encompassing more than 1 million influencers, the company’s expansion into Kenya underlines its unwavering commitment to extending innovative solutions across the African continent.

Leveraging the robust infrastructure and expertise of the ArabyAds Group, headquartered in Dubai, indaHash is primed to bring its pioneering advancements in adtech and e-commerce marketing to the Kenyan landscape.

Empowering Brands with Comprehensive Services

indaHash’s Managed Service is designed to streamline influencer marketing with a comprehensive suite of offerings:

  • Tailored Campaign Planning and Strategy: Collaborative goal-setting and deliverable definition with clients.
  • Influencer Recruitment: Utilizing briefing templates and the Creator Discovery Tool for targeted influencer engagement.
  • Simplified Selection Process: An intuitive platform presenting interested influencers for client approval.
  • Content Moderation: Granting clients the ability to oversee influencer content via the indaHash dashboard.
  • Detailed Reporting: Providing comprehensive campaign analytics and visually impactful reports with measurable ROI.

Cutting-Edge SaaS Solutions for In-House Campaigns

For clients managing in-house influencer marketing campaigns:

  • All-In-One Tool: Customized solutions for cross-channel influencer campaigns.
  • Creator Discovery: Analyzing creators from over 5 million profiles using precise matching filters.
  • Data Analysis: Over 35 in-depth metrics for audience insights and brand safety.
  • Manage & Report: Dedicated templates for efficient project management and secure information sharing.

Under the leadership of Francis Karugah, an esteemed executive with 14 years’ experience in East Africa’s influencer marketing landscape, indaHash’s Nairobi team is poised to drive the platform’s growth in the Kenyan market.

Supported by seasoned influencers Caleb Ochenge and Judith Ochieng, the team brings a wealth of experience and innovation, positioning indaHash as a formidable force in Kenya’s influencer marketing realm.

Empowering Local Brands and Creators

The expansion into Kenya is a strategic move aimed at empowering local brands with sophisticated Managed Service and SaaS solutions, fostering innovative and impactful influencer marketing strategies.

For influencers and creators, indaHash promises top-tier creative strategies, global exposure, robust reporting, and best-in-class engagement practices.

Barbara Soltysinska, CEO of indaHash, articulated her vision, stating that their ventures in South Africa and across Africa have unveiled the vibrant potential of this market.

“Kenya’s dynamic digital landscape perfectly aligns with indaHash’s ethos. We’re thrilled to offer our blend of technology and creativity to Kenyan brands.”

As indaHash sets its sights on Kenya, the company is poised to elevate the influencer marketing industry, setting new benchmarks for innovation and efficacy within the region.

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