Karibu Connect Becomes Exclusive Authorized Reseller of Starlink in Kenya

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Internet service provider, Karibu Connect has announced that they have been selected as the first authorized reseller of Starlink in Kenya.

The move marks marking a significant milestone in their mission to bridge the digital divide and enhance connectivity infrastructure across the country.

Starlink, a groundbreaking satellite internet service operated by SpaceX, is set to revolutionize connectivity in Kenya.

Utilizing a constellation of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, Starlink offers high-speed, low-latency connectivity that surpasses traditional satellite technology. With an astounding global subscriber base of over 1.5 million, Starlink is leading the charge in transforming the global internet connectivity landscape.

Karibu Connect’s partnership with Starlink will extend the benefits of this high-speed, low-latency connectivity to various sectors in rural Kenya. This includes small businesses, industry, telecommunications, multi-dwelling units, education, tourism & hospitality, maritime, and government organizations.

In addition to fixed applications, Karibu Connect is also offering mobile solutions, such as vehicle-mounted options for businesses on the move or boats and ships operating both inland and offshore.

What sets Karibu Connect apart is their comprehensive suite of turnkey connectivity solutions. This includes managed Wi-Fi, cybersecurity, and professional installation services.

Furthermore, the company has introduced flexible hardware leasing plans to ensure that businesses of all sizes can access the benefits of Starlink connectivity.

To provide seamless support, Karibu Connect has established an in-country support team that offers 24/7 assistance. They have also developed an online portal for monitoring and managing all aspects of their Starlink services. Additionally, tailored solutions for public Wi-Fi hotspots and 4G/5G backhaul will be made available.

John Thuo, CEO of Karibu Connect, emphasized the significance of the collaboration, stating that their partnership with Starlink is a substantial progression in our mission to deliver affordable, high-quality internet access to all corners of Kenya.

The deployment of Starlink’s groundbreaking technology will revolutionize how rural Kenya engages with the global community, fostering societal progress and driving economic growth.

The availability of Starlink hardware and services in Kenya has been made immediately accessible to qualified customers. Karibu Connect offers competitive pricing and supports local payments in Kenyan Shillings, including popular electronic payment methods like M-Pesa.

With Karibu Connect at the helm, Kenya is poised to experience a technological revolution that will bridge the digital divide and unlock unprecedented opportunities for growth and development.

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