Kaspersky Launches SubsCrab Premium for Subscription Tracking

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Kaspersky is preparing to launch a Premium version of SubsCrab, a mobile application developed to aid users in monitoring their subscriptions and effectively managing payment schedules.

SubsCrab simplifies the process of subscription tracking, ensuring transparency and cost-effectiveness for its users. This versatile application, available on both iOS and Android platforms, boasts an extensive catalog comprising more than 4,000 subscription services and 11,000 rate plans.

The subscription model, a convenient and transparent method of monetizing digital services, has gained widespread popularity in recent years.

According to the business search report titled “Subscription E-Commerce Global Market Report,” the global subscription e-commerce market has experienced significant growth, surging from $119.4 billion in 2022 to $196.35 billion in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 64.4%.

Furthermore, Deloitte’s “Digital media trends survey” revealed that 20% of the world’s population now subscribes to over 10 paid services each month, collectively amounting to over $100 per month.

SubsCrab was developed within Kaspersky Product Studio, the company’s business division responsible for creating and validating innovative partnerships and products.

This versatile application, available on both iOS and Android platforms, houses an extensive range of available subscriptions, including more than 4,000 subscription services and 11,000 rate plans. Notably, unlike other subscription tracking applications, SubsCrab imposes no limitations on the number of subscriptions users can add.

The application offers both Free and Premium versions. The Free version allows users to view and add active subscriptions, along with a calendar displaying upcoming charges. Additionally, it provides push notifications regarding impending charges, alternative services, and valuable insights into subscriptions of interest.

The premium version offers Email Scan, eliminating the need for manual subscription input through enhanced features. Furthermore, users can categorize accounts into distinct groups, such as work-related subscriptions (e.g., for business services) and personal subscriptions like games and streaming services.

Kirill Yurkin, the founder of SubsCrab said that today, most digital services, programs, and applications operate on a subscription model.

However, at some point, users accumulate too many subscriptions, making it difficult and potentially very expensive to keep track of them all. We designed SubsCrab to consolidate each user’s active subscriptions in one place, empowering them to manage this crucial aspect of their lives with ease.

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