Kenya Government Urges Vigilance Over Worldcoin

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The Kenyan government has issued a call for increased vigilance as individuals engage with the newly launched cryptocurrency, Worldcoin.

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) has released a statement, highlighting the need for compliance with the Data Protection Act.

The ODPC is currently conducting an assessment of Worldcoin’s practices to ensure that the organization is handling sensitive personal data in accordance with the law. As Worldcoin processes iris data through an Orb, proper safeguards must be in place to protect individuals’ information.

Kenyans are being urged to exercise caution and seek accurate information before disclosing any personal or sensitive data. The ODPC’s scrutiny of Worldcoin’s practices aims to ascertain that the organization is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act of 2019.

Data Commissioner Immaculate Kassait emphasized the responsibility of data controllers in ensuring the proper processing of personal data. Failure to comply not only jeopardizes individuals’ privacy but also exposes organizations to legal and reputational consequences.

Regarding Worldcoin, the cryptocurrency comprises a privacy-preserving digital identity known as World ID. In addition, where permitted by law, users can receive a digital currency called WLD simply for being human.

At the core of the Worldcoin project lies an eye-scanning Orb, requiring in-person use. This technology grants users a unique digital identity, confirming that they are real humans and not bots.

The founders, Alex Blania and Sam Altman, expressed their ambitions for Worldcoin. They believe that cryptocurrency has the potential to revolutionize economic opportunity, establish a foolproof system for distinguishing humans from AI online while maintaining privacy, enable global democratic processes, and ultimately pave the way for AI-funded Universal Basic Income (UBI).

As the government prioritizes data protection and compliance with privacy regulations, citizens are encouraged to remain informed and exercise caution when engaging with Worldcoin or any other digital platforms handling their personal information.

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