Kenya Space Agency Partners with Konza Technopolis to Utilize State-of-the-Art Data Center

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The Kenya Space Agency (KSA) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Konza Technopolis, enabling the agency to utilize the Data Center for its operations.

John Paul Okwiri, CEO of Konza Technopolis, highlighted the significance of this partnership, emphasizing that the MOU facilitates access to essential infrastructure like the data center, secured cloud, and data protection facility.

This collaboration is seen as a pivotal step that will strengthen the relationship between the two entities, enhancing their capabilities in the realms of innovation and science.

During the signing ceremony, Brig. Hillary Kipkoskey, the Acting Director General of Kenya Space Agency, emphasized the agency’s need for a top-tier facility to manage the substantial volume of space-derived data it generates.

The MOU signifies a strategic alignment between two forward-thinking organizations, both dedicated to advancing the socio-economic development of the country.

The Konza National Data Center, a cutting-edge Tier III Uptime certified facility, serves as the technological hub driving Konza Technopolis’ mandate and serving various clients.

Offering a range of cloud services and solutions such as infrastructure setup, platform services, software solutions, and colocation services, the Data Center boasts advanced power management, backup systems, cooling, security, and monitoring.

Brig. Kipkoskey outlined the agency’s plans to not only utilize the Data Center but also establish a presence in the Silicon Savannah, fostering deeper collaborations in space-derived data.

This strategic move aims to provide crucial insights for the government across key sectors like agriculture, disaster management, security, communication, urban planning, and resource management.

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