Kua Ventures Milestone: $1M Investment in Kenyan SMEs, Pledges Additional $2M

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Kua Ventures, has announced a significant achievement, having invested over USD 1 million (approximately Ksh. 145 million) in the growth of 20 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Kenya.

The Nairobi-based impact investment company indicated that the feat was achieved across four rounds of funding spanning three years, supporting these local enterprises through the economic challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The journey of Kua Ventures started in 2020 amid the health crisis. Their unique model for partnering with Kenyan SMEs involves three core pillars: Capital, Coaching and Community (3Cs). Committed investments, ranging between USD 50,000 – 100,000 (approximately Ksh. 7 million – 14 million), went beyond financial support to provide entrepreneurs with one-on-one mentorships and a network of like-minded professionals for peer learning and sharing of experiences.

Kua Ventures Operations Director, Madalena Santos, emphasized their commitment to bolstering the Kenyan entrepreneurial ecosystem further.

“We have observed the potential in the ecosystem and plan to invest an additional USD 2 million by June 2024, allowing entrepreneurial growth and significant social impact,” Madalena stated.

Kua Ventures Executive Director, Peter Fry, also cited the success of their 3C model, expressing optimism about the potential to aid more local businesses and their communities in Kenya.

Backed by Kua Ventures, SMEs created over 200 jobs in Kenya within the three-year span, offering a safety net for vulnerable communities.

The company is dedicated to the mission of providing economic and spiritual resources to empower individuals and liberate them from poverty.

With an additional USD 2 million earmarked for investment within the next 10 months, Kua Ventures stands ready to fortify the Kenyan SME sector and stimulate socio-economic growth further.

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