Kyosk Acquires KwikBasket To Expand into African Fresh Produce Market

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Kyosk Digital Services has expanded into the African fresh produce market with the recent acquisition of KwikBasket, a well-known player in the agricultural industry.

By combining their expertise, Kyosk aims to transform the fresh produce market in Africa and create a more efficient and inclusive ecosystem.

Digital-first Approach and Data-driven Insights

Kyosk Digital Services specializes in online retail distribution and is driven by a digital-first approach and data-driven insights. The company’s goal is to revolutionize the distribution and accessibility of goods and services in Africa through innovative solutions.

Their platform, Kyosk.App, connects businesses, consumers, and suppliers, facilitating seamless transactions and enhancing overall efficiency in the supply chain.

Empowering Farmers with Resources and Market Access

Farmers in many regions of Africa face challenges due to fragmented and inefficient distribution chains for agricultural produce. Kyosk’s Farm & Fresh line aims to address these challenges by offering farmers access to improved yields, consistent market access, fair pricing, essential information and insights, and agri-inputs.

By empowering farmers with these resources, Kyosk seeks to support their growth and success in the agricultural sector.

Efficiency and Stability for Kitchens and Eateries

Kyosk Fresh, part of the Farm & Fresh line, will cater to the needs of restaurants, eateries, and other customers by providing a consistent supply of high-quality products.

Streamlined processes, optimized logistics, and enhanced inventory management will help reduce challenges such as food safety concerns, food wastage, high logistics costs, and delays in fulfilling customer orders.

This will enable kitchens and eateries to maintain stability and competitiveness while ensuring transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain.

Rebranding of uLima to Kyosk Farm

As part of the launch of the Farm & Fresh line, the uLima digital platform will be rebranded to Kyosk Farm. Kyosk Farm will build upon the foundation of uLima, leveraging its existing features and functionality while enhancing the overall user experience.

Farmers will have access to information, insights, and agri-inputs, as well as consistent market access and fair pricing, ensuring sustainable income and growth opportunities for their businesses.

Focus on Small Retail Outlets and Financial Inclusion

The African retail market is valued at approximately US$600 billion and is projected to grow annually. Kyosk focuses on serving small retail outlets and traditional retailers, which account for over 60% of retail trade in Africa.

These retailers, primarily located in low-income, informal urban communities, face challenges such as high transportation costs and limited access to manufacturers and distributors.

Kyosk’s platform revolutionizes how these retailers connect with high-quality and affordable goods and services through digitized value chains. Additionally, Kyosk collaborates with financial institutions to provide services such as credit and insurance, contributing to the financial inclusion of underrepresented businesses and individuals.

With its strategic expansion into the fresh produce market, Kyosk Digital Services is set to revolutionize the distribution and enjoyment of fresh produce in Africa. By combining its digital-first approach and data-driven insights with KwikBasket’s agricultural expertise, Kyosk aims to create a more efficient and inclusive ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders in the food chain.

With Kyosk’s Farm & Fresh line, farmers will have access to resources and market opportunities, while kitchens and eateries will enjoy a consistent supply and enhanced efficiency.

Kyosk’s commitment to supporting small retail outlets and promoting financial inclusion further contributes to economic growth and stability in Africa.

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