Latitude59 Unveils Inaugural Kenya Edition

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Latitude59, Europe’s eminent startup and tech event will make its debut on African soil with the Latitude59 Kenya Edition.

The one-day annual event event will be in Nairobi on December 6, 2023 as it celebrates its 11th year since its inception in Estonia in 2011. This serves as a nexus for diverse stakeholders within the digital and startup ecosystem.

It’s a space for sharing insights, best practices, and unraveling solutions tailored to the challenges confronting the burgeoning digital startup community in Africa.

Liisi Org, the CEO of Latitude59, defines the event’s core mission as a quest to forge a better world through technological innovation.

Reflecting on the journey since its inception, Org notes an exponential surge in the global digital startup landscape, with Africa emerging as a significant player in this dynamic arena.

Kenya’s startup ecosystem garners attention for its rapid evolution, positioning itself as one of the continent’s fastest-growing hubs.

Characterized by a mobile-first ethos and a youthful, digitally adept populace, Kenya stands poised to drive economic growth and societal change, resonating deeply with Latitude59’s ethos.

Org underscores that while the challenges faced by African startups differ from their European counterparts, the fundamental ethos remains consistent. It’s the pursuit of inventive solutions to economic, environmental, and societal challenges that unites these ecosystems.

The integration of digital innovation has proven pivotal, fostering employment, empowering individuals, and bridging previously marginalized communities with global markets.

The launch of Latitude59 in Kenya marks a strategic move to interlink the Estonian and Kenyan startup realms. Org stresses the event’s role as a conduit for open dialogues, knowledge exchange, and fostering symbiotic relationships among stakeholders.

The event extends a warm invitation to stakeholders across Africa’s digital and startup landscape, beckoning them to partake in this high-performance networking affair.

Attendees can anticipate engaging with global founders, startups at various stages of development, investors, and an array of industry players keen on exploring the vast opportunities latent within the Latitude59 global ecosystem.

At the core of the event lies a robust program featuring luminaries and thought leaders from the international and African tech sphere.

Discussions will orbit around critical topics pertinent to Kenya’s ecosystem, ranging from access to finance and digitalization to sustainability, logistics, and collaborative efforts.

A pivotal highlight of the Latitude59 Kenya Edition is the startup pitch competition, offering a €100,000 investment prize and a coveted spot in the Startup Wise Guys accelerator program.

Winning startups also earn the chance to compete in Latitude59 Estonia’s main pitching event slated for May 2024.

This isn’t just about an event; it’s a launchpad for transformative opportunities. Petra Wolkenstein, General Partner of Estonia’s Startup Wise Guys Africa fund, emphasizes the need to foster connections and partnerships for sustainable business acceleration.

The collaboration with Latitude59 in Kenya signifies an avenue for startups to showcase their vision and successes on a global stage.

For early-stage startup founders in East Africa, the call is out to submit their applications for the pitch competition by November 25, signaling a chance to leverage this platform for growth.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of partners in materializing this groundbreaking event, Admirals, an Estonian-based global online trading and investment platform, stands out as a prime contributor.

Boriss Gubaidulin, Admirals’ Director for the African region, emphasizes the burgeoning economic ties between Estonia and African nations, underscoring a mutual interest in innovation and cooperation.

Gubaidulin anticipates the event as a catalyst to bolster Kenya’s status as Africa’s tech powerhouse.

The Latitude59 event, in sync with ongoing initiatives aimed at fostering innovation and digital transformation in Kenya, aims to fortify global startup ecosystems.

In a panel discussion themed “Bridging the Gap in Financial Inclusion,” industry experts, including Gubaidulin, will delve into the transformative potential of digital finance in enhancing financial inclusivity across Africa.

It’s an invaluable opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts to grasp how technology shapes the landscape of financial inclusion.

The Latitude59 Kenya Edition, slated for December 6, 2023, at Nairobi’s Sarit Expo Centre, beckons all passionate about the future of tech and innovation.

Tickets are available for those eager to be part of this transformative discourse shaping Africa’s tech trajectory.

Tickets are available here:

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