Lynk Global Unveils Revolutionary Video of Two-Way Voice Calls via Satellite

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Lynk Global, Inc. has unveiled a groundbreaking video capturing the first-ever series of two-way voice calls between standard mobile phones connected via satellite.

This breakthrough technology is demonstrated in the video, showcasing multiple voice calls made using Lynk’s satellite-cell-towers orbiting the Earth.

Charles Miller, CEO and co-founder of Lynk, stressed the importance of providing exceptional evidence to support extraordinary claims, quoting Carl Sagan.

The release of this video underscores Lynk’s commitment to upholding the highest standards in the industry.

Miller further explained that just as Lynk shared a video in 2020 to demonstrate their pioneering achievement of connecting satellites to standard phones on Earth, they are now doing the same for two-way voice calls.

Tyghe Speidel, CTO and co-founder of Lynk, emphasized the significance of this development in attaining Lynk’s mission of ensuring connectivity for all, irrespective of location. The company has already commenced SMS messaging services in Palau, with plans to expand to additional countries this year.

Speidel expressed excitement about showcasing the voice call capabilities, while noting that SMS texting services for mobile network operators (MNOs) will be prioritized in the short term. The successful two-way voice call demonstrations signify remarkable technological progress, bringing Lynk closer to achieving their mission.

Lynk holds the distinction of being the only patented, proven, and commercially-licensed provider of satellite-direct-to-standard-mobile-phone systems in the world. The company’s services have been successfully demonstrated and are currently being deployed in over 20 countries.

Lynk has secured more than 30 commercial service contracts with MNOs, covering over 50 countries. Their network is compatible with every mobile phone in existence and currently offers cell broadcast (emergency) alerts and two-way SMS messaging.

Lynk aims to introduce voice and mobile broadband services in the future. By partnering with Lynk through a straightforward roaming agreement, MNOs can tap into untapped markets, ensure seamless connectivity for subscribers, and contribute to global economic prosperity for billions of individuals.

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