Mastercard Invests $2.04 Million to Empower Content Creators in Africa

Aiden Kiprop
By Aiden Kiprop 2 Min Read

Mastercard on Thursday announced a $2.04 million investment in partnership with Wowzi, Africa’s influencer marketing platform, and Masria Digital Payments (MDP).

The five-year initiative aims to transform the financial management landscape for content creators through innovative digital card solutions.

The collaboration will provide Wowzi’s content creators access to a range of digital card benefits, including seamless and secure online and offline transactions, exclusive Mastercard rewards, and access to cutting-edge features like Watch Cards and Ring Cards.

“Our journey has always been driven by the belief that content creators are the heartbeat of the digital age,” said Mike Otieno, Co-Founder and President of Wowzi.

This strategic partnership with Mastercard and MDP represents a pivotal moment in our mission to empower these creators.

Shehryar Ali, Senior Vice President and Country Manager for East Africa and Indian Ocean Islands at Mastercard, expressed the company’s commitment to promoting financial inclusion and driving innovation in the evolving digital economy.

“Our objective is to empower these digital trailblazers with the financial tools and security they need to thrive.”

Frank Molla, Managing Director at MDP Africa, emphasized the significance of the collaboration, saying, “In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, it’s clear that the future of finance is intertwined with the influencer space. This collaboration with Wowzi and Mastercard signifies our commitment to shaping the financial future for content creators.”

The partnership aims to create a more vibrant and sustainable ecosystem for content creators worldwide, addressing the growing need for efficient, secure, and flexible payment solutions in the dynamic digital content creation industry.

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