Mastercard Partners With eGaz To Drive Digital Transformation in Zanzibar

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Mastercard has partnered with the Zanzibar e-Government Agency (eGAZ) to support the digital transformation of Zanzibar.

The collaboration aims to digitize payments across various sectors, including tourism, to drive economic growth.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed during the launch of Zanzibar’s Digital Government Strategy for 2023-2027, led by President Hussein Ali Mwinyi.

This agreement marks Mastercard’s commitment to Zanzibar’s digital transformation goals outlined in their Digital Economy Blueprint and Roadmap.

The strategy aims to transform Zanzibar into a robust digital economy, enhancing digital systems, fostering innovation, and reshaping public services.

Over the next three years, Mastercard will provide technical assistance and expertise to support the Zanzibar government’s efforts. This includes establishing a digital transformation team, collaborating with the government’s payment portal ZanMalipo to enable digital payments, and issuing two million government cards to improve access to services and tourism.

The collaboration between Mastercard and the Zanzibar e-Government Agency aims to create an inclusive digital economy that benefits everyone in Zanzibar.

It leverages Mastercard’s global experience in enabling digital transformation and emphasizes the value of cross-sector collaboration, economic growth, and financial inclusion.

Mastercard solutions, such as the Mastercard Payment Gateway Services (MPGS), will enable merchants to accept various payment methods, including mobile payments, credit cards, and e-wallets. Additionally, consumer benefits will be highlighted on to drive economic development.

Zanzibar’s Revolutionary Government is dedicated to fostering a pan-African digital economy that promotes innovation, trade, and investment in Tanzania and the wider region.

Through this collaboration, Zanzibar aims to enhance service delivery by developing a fast and secure digital infrastructure for citizens, tourists, and the business community.

Tourists and the business community remains Zanzibar’s immediate focus with plans to position the island as a major player in the pan-African trade transformation journey.

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