New Cybersecurity Collaboration Arms AI Cloud Users Against Emerging Threats

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In a bid to fortify AI cloud infrastructures against rising cyber threats, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP) and NVIDIA have partnered to unveil the Check Point AI Cloud Protect solution.

The collaboration aims to safeguard critical AI workloads from malicious attacks, enhancing security at both network and host levels.

The partnership between Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. and NVIDIA marks a significant milestone in cybersecurity, addressing the pressing need for heightened protection in AI-driven environments. Gera Dorfman, Vice President of Network Security at Check Point, underscores the urgency, stating that AI provides great benefits across healthcare, education, finance, and more.

At the same time, the rate and sophistication of cyber attacks is increasing, with threat actors increasingly looking at ways to disrupt AI workloads in the cloud.

With the exponential growth of AI adoption across various sectors, including healthcare, finance, and education, the potential for cyber threats targeting AI systems has grown substantially.

These threats range from backdooring AI models to data exfiltration, jeopardizing the integrity and security of sensitive data and posing significant risks to business outcomes.

Yael Shenhav, Vice President of Networking Products at NVIDIA, emphasizes the critical importance of securing AI cloud data centers, stating, “As AI becomes more pervasive, securing AI clouds becomes paramount.”

The Check Point AI Cloud Protect solution, powered by NVIDIA BlueField 3 DPU and the NVIDIA DOCA software framework, offers a robust defense mechanism tailored to the unique challenges posed by AI workloads.

By integrating network and host-level security insights, this solution provides comprehensive protection against conventional and emerging cyber threats, ensuring AI operations continue uninterrupted.

Engineered for seamless integration and scalability, AI Cloud Protect offers organizations a scalable, adaptable security solution that grows in tandem with their operational needs.

Crucially, this heightened security posture is achieved without compromising AI performance, enabling organizations to leverage AI technologies confidently while mitigating potential risks.

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