Nokia, OPPO Reach Global Patent Cross-License Agreement

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Nokia has announced the signing of a multi-year patent cross-license agreement with OPPO. As part of the deal, OPPO will make royalty payments, including catch-up payments to cover periods of non-payment.

This agreement effectively resolves all ongoing patent litigation between the two companies across various jurisdictions. While the specific terms of the agreement remain confidential, both parties have expressed satisfaction with the outcome.

Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about the agreement, stating that the partnership reflects the mutual respect for each other’s intellectual property and Nokia’s investments in R&D and contributions to open standards.

“OPPO is one of the leading companies in the global smartphone market, and we look forward to working together to bring further innovation to their users around the world. The new agreement, along with the other major smartphone agreements we have concluded over the past year, will provide long-term financial stability to our licensing business.”

Feng Ying, OPPO’s Chief Intellectual Property Officer, also commented on the agreement, saying that the agreement reflects the mutual recognition and respect for each other’s intellectual property and lays the foundation for future collaboration between OPPO and Nokia.

The agreement aligns with Nokia’s previously disclosed assumptions regarding its long-term outlook in its Financial Report for Q3 issued on October 19, 2023. Nokia anticipates recognizing net sales from this agreement, including catch-up payments covering non-payment during the dispute period, starting in Q1 2024.

Furthermore, Nokia Technologies is making strides in its growth areas of automotive, consumer electronics, IoT, and multimedia, and is confident that its annual net sales run-rate will return to EUR 1.4 to 1.5 billion in the mid-term.

Nokia’s patent portfolio, which has been built on over €140 billion invested in R&D since 2000, consists of around 20,000 patent families, including over 6,000 patent families declared essential to 5G.

Nokia’s commitment to open standards allows companies to license and use these technologies without the need for substantial investments, thereby fostering innovation and the development of new products and services for consumers.

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