Oracle expands cloud offerings with Database@Azure, MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse

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Oracle is further expanding its distributed cloud offerings to the latest additions including Oracle Database@Azure and MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse on AWS.

The move seeks to meet the increasing demand for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services worldwide.

These additions provide organizations with enhanced flexibility to deploy cloud services anywhere, while also addressing data privacy, data sovereignty, and low latency requirements. Additionally, customers gain access to over 100 services that are designed to support any workload.

Oracle’s distributed cloud strategy has been successful, as demonstrated by the increased global partner adoption of Oracle Alloy. This platform allows customers to deploy cloud services without compromising on performance, scale, and availability.

Karan Batta, Senior Vice President of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, stated, “The modern-day cloud must be more distributed and more flexible than ever. With Oracle database services running on OCI and deployed in Microsoft Azure datacenters, customers gain more flexibility on where they run their workloads.”

With the introduction of Oracle Database@Azure, customers can directly access Oracle database services running on OCI and deployed in Microsoft Azure datacenters. This combination offers the same performance, scale, and availability advantages of Oracle Database on OCI, providing customers with greater flexibility in workload deployment. It also simplifies cloud purchasing and management between Oracle Database and Azure services.

The addition of the Lakehouse capability in MySQL HeatWave enables AWS customers to run transaction processing, real-time analytics, and machine learning in one cloud database service. This capability consolidates five AWS services into one, reducing complexity and providing the best price-performance in the industry for analytics.

Using HeatWave Lakehouse, AWS customers can query large amounts of data in Amazon S3 object storage without copying the data to the database. The query processing is done entirely in the HeatWave engine, allowing customers to leverage HeatWave for both non-MySQL and MySQL-compatible workloads.

This solution eliminates the need for changes in applications running on AWS and avoids high AWS data egress fees. MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse on AWS is currently in limited availability.

Oracle Alloy, an award-winning cloud infrastructure platform, is now globally available for ordering. This platform enables service providers, integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs), and other organizations to take advantage of cloud business opportunities.

Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI), a leading global provider of consulting services and system solutions, has selected Alloy to accelerate its customers’ cloud migration securely.

With Alloy, NRI can offer its customers access to more than 100 OCI services, enabling them to migrate their systems to the cloud while benefiting from compliance, governance, and security capabilities.

By implementing Oracle Alloy in its data centers in Tokyo and Osaka, NRI can integrate its customers’ systems with NRI’s financial cloud applications and services. This integration ensures compliance and governance aligned with customers’ stringent requirements, including financial governance and digital sovereignty. NRI also runs three critical applications, BESTWAY, T-STAR, and THE STAR, on OCI Dedicated Region.

Shigekazu Ohmoto, Senior Corporate Managing Director at Nomura Research Institute, said, “With Oracle Alloy, we will be able to provide new, customized cloud services and help our customers move their systems to the cloud and modernize them using the latest OCI services and technology, such as AI. This will further benefit the growth of our business while also contributing to the success of our customers.”

Oracle’s expansion of distributed cloud offerings and the adoption of Oracle Alloy by global partners demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing flexible, secure, and efficient cloud solutions to meet the diverse needs of organizations worldwide.

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