Remotasks Ceases Operations in Kenya

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Online working platform, Remotasks is currently experiencing operational disruption in Kenya, as per circulating reports indicating a potential cessation of local activities.

The renowned platform for providing a diverse array of opportunities encompassing copywriting, media labelling, and AI model training, among others, has seen users trying to access the website being met with an error prompt displaying the message “Sorry, you have been blocked. You are unable to access”

Over recent years, the platform has garnered significant traction among a demographic of young, aspiring Kenyan professionals seeking avenues for remote employment, particularly targeting individuals navigating precarious job markets or engaging in supplementary part-time engagements.

Compensation for services rendered on Remotasks is facilitated in US dollars, with transactions facilitated through established online payment gateways such as PayPal.

In a statement shared online screenshots, the communication reads as follows:

“We are reaching out with an important announcement regarding Remotasks operations in your location. We are discontinuing operations in your current location effective March 8, 2024. As part of this transition, you have been off-boarded from your current project, and any pending payments related to your completed tasks will be remitted to the designated payment account linked to your profile.”

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