Salesforce Launches Clean Energy Programme Management for Energy & Utilities Cloud

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Salesforce has unveiled its latest innovation, the Clean Energy Programme Management for Energy & Utilities Cloud.

The cutting-edge solution is designed to streamline the implementation, administration, and supervision of energy efficiency, conservation, electrification, and EV charging initiatives within electric, gas, and water utilities. The primary goal is to boost customer engagement in clean energy programs.

Energy & Utilities Cloud leverages the power of the Einstein 1 Platform, Salesforce’s renowned customer platform. This platform enables organizations to harness their data securely, enhancing customer experiences and boosting employee productivity through the integration of AI, CRM, and data analytics to drive profitability.

The Clean Energy Program Management tool assists utilities in overseeing clean energy projects by leveraging connected data, such as energy consumption and billing details, along with personalized engagement strategies to promote relevant programs.

It simplifies and digitizes the application process for customers, contractors, and utility staff, ultimately driving increased enrollment in clean energy initiatives, electric vehicle adoption, and more.

Key features include the Program Management Console, which facilitates the management of residential, commercial, and industrial programs by setting targets for energy savings, water conservation, compliance, and homes served.

This console allows program managers to monitor applications, track performance, and manage budgets efficiently. Automation tools like Salesforce Flow, in-built data validations, and preconfigured formulas streamline processes, reducing errors and ensuring regulatory compliance.

The Customer Self-Service Portal empowers utility customers to explore and engage with energy efficiency programs and incentives easily. Through this portal, customers can access rebates, incentives, new rates, and income-qualified offers, apply for programs, connect with service providers, and receive benefits directly from their utility’s website.

Furthermore, the Contractor Portal simplifies communication and collaboration between external contractors and utilities. This portal serves as a centralized platform for contractors to enroll in programs, identify leads, and submit work in bulk.

Automation features streamline rebate applications and invoicing processes, ensuring faster reimbursements for contractors and customers alike.

Linda Saunders, Salesforce’s Director of Engineering Solutions Africa, emphasized the significance of this advancement in the energy and utilities sector.

She highlighted the opportunity for companies to drive customers towards a clean and sustainable future using Salesforce’s AI, data, and CRM capabilities.

By fostering strong partnerships with customers and communities, energy and utility companies can accelerate progress towards achieving net zero emissions.

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