SasaPay Partners with MedSource Group to Revolutionize Healthcare Payments in Kenya

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SasaPay has announced Wednesday a partnership with the MedSource Group, Kenya’s pioneering medical group purchasing organization.

This partnership aims to connect pharmacies to SasaPay’s payments platform and drive their growth in the country.

The MedSource Group is responsible for serving up to 5 million patients annually through over 770 subscriber community pharmacies and private healthcare enterprises across Kenya.

These private healthcare enterprises will now have access to SasaPay’s mobile money platform, which offers a range of financial inclusion services specifically designed for the healthcare industry.

This technology aims to simplify processes, reduce costs, accelerate revenue cycles, boost customer satisfaction, and improve overall collection rates for hospitals, pharmacies, health systems providers, clinics, consultants, and other players in the sector.

Starting this August, SasaPay and MedSource have initiated a phased roll-out, with SasaPay enlisting MedSource as a premium healthcare provider on their platform, the SasaPay App.

The ultimate goal of this partnership is to strengthen the capacity of MedSource’s members and enhance the management of their businesses, ultimately providing more value to Kenyans seeking medical services nationwide.

MedSource operates by aggregating healthcare business demands downstream and matching them with upstream pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. Through the partnership with SasaPay, MedSource will be able to unlock various business opportunities through seamless financial solutions in a democratized digital marketplace.

“Our aim is to assist healthcare service providers under the MedSource umbrella in improving payments collection and taking control of their healthcare finances,” stated Daniel Njoroge, Deputy CEO of SasaPay.

We will simplify billing processes by offering contactless, digital healthcare payment solutions that seamlessly integrate into their existing workflows.

This partnership between SasaPay and MedSource marks a significant milestone in the healthcare industry in Kenya. With SasaPay’s expertise in mobile money and MedSource’s extensive network of pharmacies and healthcare enterprises, this collaboration is set to revolutionize the way healthcare providers manage their finances and conduct transactions in the country.

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