SasaPay, Presta Capital, and Nirvana Credit Partner to Revolutionize Digital Payments in Kenya

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SasaPay, a leading digital payments service provider, has partnered with Presta Capital and Nirvana Credit in a collaboration aimed at facilitating convenient and seamless payment transactions,

The partnership willl see Presta Capital, a microfinance platform solutions provider, and Nirvana Credit, a leading microfinance institution catering to SMEs, individuals, and corporates to focus more on business development initiatives while SasaPay will leverage its expertise to ensure the smooth movement of funds behind the scenes, enhancing overall transaction efficiency.

“We are thrilled to partner with Presta Capital and Nirvana Credit. SasaPay’s robust platform will empower them to seamlessly collect payments from their customers and efficiently disburse funds when needed,” said Mr. Daniel Njoroge, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at SasaPay.

Through the SasaPay platform, customers of Nirvana Credit can instantly access funds upon qualification for credit products. This seamless process not only provides instant access to funds but also offers flexibility in fund utilization across various channels, including cash withdrawals.

SasaPay prides itself on its cost-effectiveness and interoperability, ensuring a seamless experience for customers regardless of their banking institutions or telecom providers.

The partnership between Nirvana Credit that targets the asset financing market, and Presta Capital, powered by SasaPay’s money movement capabilities, aims to expand access to capital and streamline payment collection processes for businesses.

“We are thrilled to welcome SasaPay on board. Their platform allows us to seamlessly disburse funds to our clients, significantly enhancing our turnaround time and overall customer experience,” said Joan Muriira, CEO of Nirvana Credit.

Mr. Tim Kimani, Managing Director of Presta Capital, emphasized the importance of the partnership: “Presta Capital has developed a cutting-edge loan management system designed to streamline the entire loan process. This partnership with SasaPay and Nirvana Credit ensures that payment flows seamlessly, further enhancing operational efficiency.”

According to a report by the Kenya Central Bank, the rise of seamless digital payments has not only spurred economic development but has also significantly increased financial inclusion. Financial inclusion in Kenya has risen to approximately 85 percent in 2022, one of the highest

levels globally, highlighting the transformative impact of digital payment solutions on the economy.

The partnership between SasaPay, Presta Capital, and Nirvana Credit represents a significant milestone in advancing financial inclusion and streamlining payment processes in Kenya.

With a shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, the collaboration is poised to drive positive change and unlock new opportunities for businesses and individuals across the country.

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