SecondSTAX, NGX Partner to Revolutionize African Financial Landscape

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Ghanaian fintech firm, SecondSTAX has partnered with the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) to bolster economic growth and investment opportunities throughout Africa.

Through the partnership, SecondSTAX will provide licensed broker-dealers, asset managers, major commercial banks, and other institutional investors with access to the NGX exchange cloud-based portal.

Investors will be able to conduct transactions in their native currencies, significantly broadening the range of assets and opportunities available to a wider African audience.

SecondSTAX’s cutting-edge technology streamlines Nigerian businesses’ access to capital markets, facilitating efficient fundraising and supporting growth and expansion plans.

NGX’s platform, in conjunction with SecondSTAX’s expertise, will enhance liquidity in capital markets, fostering a more dynamic trading environment for both retail and institutional investors.

The collaboration introduces innovative solutions and digital tools, simplifying investment processes for investors and businesses looking to list and manage their securities.

Investors will enjoy access to a broader range of investment opportunities, including underserved sectors and emerging businesses.

    Representatives from SecondSTAX and NGX expressed their excitement about the partnership and its potential to reshape Nigeria and Africa’s economies.

    They emphasized their dedication to fostering sustainable economic growth, job creation, and overall prosperity for people across the continent.

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