Spotify Introduces AI Playlist Feature for Personalized Music Curation

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Spotify has unveiled its latest beta tool, AI Playlist, building on the success of last year’s AI DJ feature.

This cutting-edge tool allows users to create unique playlists by simply describing their preferences using text prompts. Initially available to Spotify Premium mobile users in the UK and Australia, the feature is anticipated to roll out globally in the near future.

Once AI Playlist is accessible on Android and iOS devices, users can navigate to “Your Library,” tap the “+” symbol, choose “AI Playlist,” and articulate their desired mood or theme. For example, phrases like “music for studying on a chilly afternoon” can prompt the AI to curate a bespoke 30-song playlist.

Users can further refine their selections with requests such as “include more sad songs” before saving the playlist with the “create” option. To maintain a positive user experience, Spotify has implemented safeguards to filter out potentially inappropriate prompts.

During the beta testing phase, Spotify encourages users to experiment with a variety of prompts blending genres, moods, artists, decades, and even colors and emojis for optimal results.

The AI Playlist feature can also draw inspiration from places, animals, activities, or movie characters to add a unique touch. As the tool evolves, Spotify has assured users of ongoing enhancements in the months ahead.

For avid Spotify users seeking a seamless way to curate playlists and explore new music, AI Playlist offers a convenient solution. In contrast to the AI DJ feature, which relies heavily on comprehensive listening history, AI Playlist provides users with greater control over their curated selections.

While details on pricing are yet to be confirmed, the introduction of this feature could align with Spotify’s anticipated price adjustments later this year.

Presently, Premium subscriptions start at Kshs 149 per month for students and Kshs 299 for individuals. Stay tuned for updates on the expansion of the beta feature to regions like Kenya and beyond.

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