Stanchion Unveils New Brand Identity to Drive Payment Transformation

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Stanchion has announced the launch of its new brand identity, signalling a strategic shift towards empowering payment transformation and bridging the gap between traditional financial infrastructure and modern fintech solutions.

The company’s new logo, featuring a striking combination of blue, orange, and white hues, symbolizes the rapid evolution within the payments industry, reflecting changing payment methods and evolving customer interactions with payment solutions.

Steven Kirrage, CEO of Stanchion, emphasized that the updated branding signifies the company’s role as a facilitator of digital innovation and enhanced customer experiences, particularly by adding value to financial institutions operating within legacy systems.

Stanchion, with 23 years of experience in assisting banks and financial service institutions worldwide in navigating complex digital transformations, aims to highlight its role in helping clients integrate modern technologies while meeting customer expectations efficiently.

Kirrage stressed the importance of embracing agile innovation programs to drive differentiation and competitiveness for banks and issuers in a rapidly evolving digital payments landscape.

The company’s flagship product, Verto Payment Fabric, leverages fabric-based computing to establish interoperability between legacy payment systems and contemporary applications, offering benefits such as improved customer experiences, cost efficiency, faster time-to-market, and operational resilience.

By enabling seamless integration with Card Management Systems and payment Switches, Verto has already demonstrated its value to 20 customers across five continents.

Stanchion’s commitment to excellence and innovation is further underscored by its revamped brand identity, which combines deep blue to symbolize expertise and stability, vibrant orange for energy and optimism, and white for precision and clarity.

The company’s focus on delivering agile innovation and efficient product management is reflected in the subtle design elements of the logo, showcasing its dedication to meeting evolving payment needs.

As a global PayTech solution provider, Stanchion continues to lead the way in driving payment change through cutting-edge technology solutions.

With a presence across five continents and a track record of delivering tailored solutions to meet client needs, Stanchion remains at the forefront of the dynamic payments landscape, poised to address the evolving requirements of the industries it serves.

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