, MTN Group Partner to Deliver Life-Saving Weather Information Across Africa

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By Editorial Desk 3 Min Read, a weather intelligence and climate adaptation, has teamed up with MTN Group to launch a groundbreaking initiative aimed at delivering life-saving early warnings and vital weather information to over 300 million at-risk individuals across Africa.

This initiative, made possible through a Microsoft Azure technology grant from Microsoft’s AI for Good Lab, represents a significant step in leveraging technology to address pressing climate challenges.

Through this collaboration, MTN’s extensive customer base will receive early warning notifications about severe weather events, powered by’s weather intelligence and Microsoft Azure, through MTN’s mobile services.

This will enable timely evacuations and preparedness actions, ultimately saving lives and mitigating the impact of extreme weather.

At the heart of this initiative is the integration of’s hyperlocal weather engine, Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, and MTN’s mobile network services.

This integration will facilitate the seamless dissemination of localized, impact-based weather information to communities with limited accessibility across the continent.

Additionally, the partnership aims to collaborate with local meteorological departments in participating countries to provide users with access to additional critical weather information.

Rei Goffer, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in democratizing access to early warning information, empowering communities to make informed decisions in the face of an increasingly unpredictable climate.

Juan Lavista Ferres, Vice President and Chief Data Scientist at Microsoft, highlighted the potential of data and AI in unlocking life-changing weather information for those most impacted by extreme weather events.

The collaboration aims to put this information directly into the hands of those who need it most.

While the partnership will initially launch in Western Africa, there are plans for expansion to all African countries where MTN operates.

Nompilo Morafo, MTN Group Chief Sustainability & Corporate Affairs Officer, noted that this partnership is a significant step in realizing the UN’s goal of ensuring early warning systems for all by the end of 2027.

Chika Ekeji, MTN Group Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, emphasized the importance of leveraging technology to address climate challenges, stating that the dissemination of life-saving information should be a benefit of modern connected life.

In addition to delivering early warning systems, the collaboration will introduce subscription-based value-added services tailored to support crucial sectors such as agriculture, aligning with the broader United Nations’ focus on leveraging technology for sustainable development.

This initiative represents a proactive and innovative approach to addressing the urgent climate challenges facing African communities.

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