Top 5 New Start Up Businesses For Post Covid Era

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COVID-19 has rendered several business owners unaware of what the future holds for them. Unfortunately, panic is not an option.

The only way to respond is to embrace yourself for change. One way to do this is to start a new business amidst the pandemic.

There are many opportunities to recover from a recession. All you need to do is, think about a business idea and a plan for selling it. There are three ways to go about doing this:


  1. Define a goal


Getting a clear goal is a smart idea. It can build a distinction, competitive advantage, and loyalty to brands.


  1. Make it affordable


The one thing that people don’t need right now is overtly expensive products. Make sure you offer excellent quality at an affordable rate.


  1. Make it robust


People know when they buy cheap, they may have to buy it twice. That’s why they don’t mind spending a little more on high-quality goods, especially if it needs to last for a long time.


Given below are five startup ideas to get started quickly.


  1. Be an Online Tutor


Millions of parents have to tackle homeschooling when attempting to work from home. Some schools and institutes even need parents to become a part of the assignment or sessions. This gets too demanding for them. Those who need help may turn to an online instructor.

Online tutoring is not only limited to teaching kids. During this pandemic, people are looking to upskill themselves or indulge in new hobbies. Online tutors for an art class or a cooking class or instructors for workouts are all in demand.


To begin your business, you can either get associated with the institute or educate students online on YouTube or other such mediums. It just needs you to invest in a laptop, broadband connections, and subscription charges.

The goal should be to reach out to as many people as possible with your skills and experience. Some people need the right guidance at their convenience. For them, you are someone who can bring a change by enabling them to render your knowledge that can enhance their way of life.


  1. Create an Online Shopping Experience


Although Amazon has a large stake in the e-commerce market, if you do not try to compete directly, there are still opportunities for your small startup business idea for eCommerce.

Subscription models can generate revenue while providing customers with convenient yet personalized products. This could be as simple as toilet papers and disinfectant sprays or something like healthy food, snacks, or coffee.


Amidst the storm of the COVID-19, brick-and-mortar businesses are finding it challenging to survive successfully in the market.

Hence, it is best to shift your business online. You can also extend the reach of their consumers online and improve sales.

People are looking to buy something that can add value and make them feel good rather than just opting for mass-produced goods. Try redefining online shopping by creating interactive web designs, an intuitive buying experience, and ensuring safe online payment options.


  1. Food Delivery


After the government ordered a mandatory lockdown, many restaurants had to close down their shutters. It no longer seems to be the right choice for them to wait for a return to normal.

Hence, several of them have now turned to online food delivery. Today’s tech-savvy generation are more comfortable ordering their food online than going to a restaurant. Once food ordering websites were popular, most people prefer using their mobile phones to order food instead.

Therefore, food delivery apps are steadily gaining popularity worldwide. Over the past decade, we have seen the rise of third party applications that deliver food from various restaurants. However, nowadays, consumers prefer to order directly from a restaurant website or app rather than a third party service. That’s why restaurants now like creating their food ordering and delivery application.


If you are a restaurant business owner or an entrepreneur, you can start your branded food delivery application. With food delivery services, your customers can order and enjoy contactless food items online.


  1. Cab Dispatch Software


The taxi industry is on the rise for the past few years with several innovations like ridesharing and easy payments. With COVID19 slightly hindering the taxi industry’s progress, they are showing promising signs of a comeback and could quickly achieve success with reliable best cab dispatch software.


An on-demand taxi dispatch app eliminates the need for traditional taxi operations. A digital solution gives customers the leisure of booking taxis at their convenience through a mobile app or web. They can also easily track their rides along with pickup timings.


This can be helpful to you as the owner as well. Tracking your cars can be a bit of a task, but you can easily track your vehicles with a taxi application in place. Besides, the driver could know the exact location of the customer.


  1. On-demand Cleaning Services


It should not be shocking that professional cleaning services are in demand because coronavirus fears are spreading worldwide. The market for industrial buildings and medical facilities has increased significantly.

People are more concerned about hygiene and health, leading them to be picky about their surroundings. Starting an app-based cleaning service offers a win-win situation for businesses and customers alike.


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