VFS Global Partners with Responsible AI Institute to Ensure Ethical AI Development

Aiden Kiprop
By Aiden Kiprop 3 Min Read

VFS Global has on Wednesday announced a partnership with the Responsible AI Institute (RAI Institute), a non-profit organization based in the USA.

This partnership signifies VFS Global’s commitment to leveraging the RAI Institute’s expertise in AI ethics and data privacy to develop secure and ethical AI solutions that align with the operational requirements of visa processing.

By joining forces with the RAI Institute, VFS Global aims to drive continuous technological innovation, enhancing customer convenience while delivering secure and responsible visa and citizen services to governments globally, including in regions like Kenya. This innovation will reinforce VFS Global’s role in facilitating safe connections between people and countries, supporting trade, tourism, education, and skills on a global scale.

VFS Global will ensure that all AI solutions are developed in strict accordance with the needs and regulations of its Client Governments. This collaborative effort will provide governments with the assurance that all developments are transparent, regulated, and customized to meet their specific requirements.

The development of AI solutions will be exclusively carried out within VFS Global’s advanced Development Centres located in Mumbai, Dubai, and Berlin. These centers will serve as collaborative hubs where the company will closely collaborate with Client Governments to tailor solutions that enhance visa processing efficiency, security, and user experience.

This approach enables VFS Global to maintain full ownership and control over its AI solutions, allowing the company to implement the highest standards of security and safety. Each solution will be meticulously designed with stringent AI safety and security measures, ensuring compliance with both local and international regulatory frameworks. Additional development will progress at the pace and readiness of the Client Governments, ensuring that each step aligns with their specific requirements and timelines.

Zubin Karkaria, Founder and CEO of VFS Global, emphasized the company’s dedication to ethical AI development, noting, “Our alliance with the Responsible AI Institute reinforces our commitment to ethical AI development. This partnership underscores our resolve to lead in AI advancement in a responsible manner.”

Alyssa Lefaivre Škopac, Head of Global Partnerships and Growth at the Responsible AI Institute, lauded VFS Global’s global outlook and impressive track record, highlighting the company’s value as they work towards steering AI towards public good.

VFS Global’s AI strategy reflects its dedication to innovating in the visa, identity, and citizen services sectors, meeting the evolving needs of its Client Governments, and ensuring their confidence and trust in its AI development efforts.

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