Vodacom, Cisco Meraki Bring SD-WAN to Small Businesses

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Vodacom Business has teamed up with Cisco Meraki to offer software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions to small businesses.

The collaboration, known as SD-WAN Express, is a cost-effective and robust digital solution designed specifically for small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

In the past, SD-WAN solutions were primarily targeted at large enterprises that required enhanced WAN bandwidth, management, and optimization to support complex applications and multiple connections. However, with SD-WAN Express, SMEs can now benefit from a reliable, secure, and affordable network solution.

This initiative aligns with Vodacom South Africa’s commitment to foster an inclusive digital society, where businesses across all sectors can leverage the opportunities offered by digital technology for their success now and in the future.

SD-WAN Express provides SMEs with an affordable suite of SD-WAN solutions that simplify networking complexities as they continue to digitize their operations and operate from multiple locations using various connectivity options, such as LTE and broadband internet.

By addressing common IT challenges faced by small businesses, such as cybersecurity threats, data demands, and the need for responsive digital applications, SD-WAN Express can help SMEs navigate these obstacles more effectively.

Through virtualization, application-level policies, and network overlays, SD-WAN Express integrates physical environments (including switches, access points, and routers) with cloud functions, IT, and the Internet of Things.

This allows multiple connections to function as a dedicated centralized managed circuit, optimizing bandwidth availability and usage and providing real-time visibility and control. As a result, SMEs can enjoy high-quality, reliable connectivity, which can boost productivity and reduce IT-related costs, time, and resources. Additionally, SD-WAN Express offers advanced security features, including firewall capabilities, to protect internal and external data and stakeholders.

Johnny Dos Santos, Managing Executive: Fixed Services at Vodacom South Africa, emphasizes the flexibility and scalability of SD-WAN Express, thanks to the partnership with Cisco Meraki.

The solution can be customized and scaled to meet the specific needs and budgets of each small business, without compromising reliability and quality of experience.

SMEs are considered the backbone of the economy, accounting for 50%-60% of GDP and generating nearly a third of total employment.

A recent report highlights the critical role technology plays in SME growth, with 30% of small businesses stating that technology has enabled them to expand their market base, and 25% have leveraged the latest software to streamline their processes.

Dos Santos concludes by stating that small businesses need simple, secure, and reliable solutions to fully benefit from digitalization without incurring significant costs in terms of time and money.

By partnering with Vodacom Business, SMEs can access affordable leading-edge technology while receiving support from experts and key partners.

This empowers SMEs to focus on their core business objectives, enhancing their capabilities and driving their success.

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