Watu Credit To Revolutionize Boda Boda Sector with Licensing Initiative

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In a bid to streamline the boda boda sector and promote safety practices, Watu Credit Limited along with various stakeholders convened the Watu4Watu Boda Leadership Conference.

The event aimed to establish partnerships that would facilitate licensing, enhance safety measures, and encourage the adoption of electric motorbikes for cleaner and more affordable transportation.

Attended by representatives from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), Traffic Police Department, Motorcycle Dealers, and the BodaBoda Association of Kenya, among others, the conference brought together leaders from across the country.

During the conference, Mr. Erick Massawe, Country Manager of Watu Credit Ltd in Kenya, expressed the company’s commitment to empowering its customers economically.

Moreover, he emphasized their dedication to contributing positively to society by streamlining the boda boda sector in Kenya. Mr. Massawe stated, “This conference is crucial as it allows us to connect with leaders from across the country to address issues pertinent to our business and create a community empowered for employment and entrepreneurship. As part of our commitment to the community, we have established a scholarship program for their children and continue to promote alternative ways of conducting business with us.”

With over one million registered boda bodas in Kenya, the majority of which are deployed for commercial purposes, the sector plays a pivotal role in generating employment opportunities and fostering entrepreneurship in the country.

Data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) reveals a steady increase in new registrations each year, underscoring the sector’s significance.

During the Watu4Watu Boda Leadership Conference, Watu Credit Ltd signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with representatives from the boda boda sector leadership in Kenya.

This new partnership aims to mutually improve the riders’ livelihoods and enhance ethical standards within the sector by pooling efforts and resources.

Leading law enforcement officials present at the event, including Nairobi Regional Police Commander Adamson Bungei and Superintendent of Police Boniface Otieno, stressed the importance of curbing lawlessness and promoting order within the boda boda community.

They urged all riders to become registered members of associations and emphasized the need for licensing to uplift industry standards and ensure safety protocols are effectively followed.

Mr. Massawe emphasized the company’s commitment to raising industry standards and promoting road safety.

He affirmed that at Watu Shule, they prioritize the importance of road service licenses for all riders.

“Through Watu Shule, we offer affordable training programs aligned with the country’s safety guidelines. Riders can benefit from our extensive curriculum and licensing tests at a fee as low as 300 shillings per week. In collaboration with the NTSA, we strive to enhance riders’ awareness of the significance of road service licenses.”

Watu Credit’s primary objective is to promote financial inclusion and empower entrepreneurs by providing accessible financing options without the need for collateral or bank statements.

By filling the gaps left by traditional financing options, the company ensures that entrepreneurs have the necessary support for their ventures. Additionally, Watu Credit offers customers comprehensive insurance coverage, GPS tracking for enhanced asset security, and dedicated repair and recovery programs.

To date, the company has provided over 750,000 loans across seven countries, positively impacting the lives of more than four million people.

As a gesture of support, Watu Credit distributed free helmets, riding suits, and reflectors to over 160 boda boda riders attending the conference.

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