WhatsApp to Roll Out Simplified “Like” Button for Status Updates

Editorial Desk
By Editorial Desk 1 Min Read

WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new feature that will enable users to quickly “Like” status updates with a heart-shaped button.

This functionality, similar to Instagram, aims to streamline interactions and enhance user engagement on the platform.

This addition will simplify the process of responding to status updates posted by your contacts. WhatsApp is taking it a step further by introducing Instagram-style emoji reactions for media shared in conversations.

At present, reacting to photos and videos shared during a conversation with emoji can be cumbersome. To do so, you must first exit the full-screen image preview (if active), then tap and hold the image, and choose from one of six available emoji or select from the complete emoji catalog by tapping the Plus icon.

Unlike status updates, emoji reactions are not seamlessly integrated into the full-screen previews for files within chats.

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