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Worldcoin Foundation on Friday released core components of the Orb’s Software as Open Source, to enhance transparency and security.

The core components of the Orb’s software are now available on GitHub under an MIT/Apache 2.0 dual license, aligning with the Worldcoin Tech Tree’s hardware section.

These newly released components complement the existing hardware and iris recognition repositories, marking a milestone in enhancing the transparency of the Orb’s image processing and validating its privacy assertions. The release includes crucial code essential for image capture and secure transfer to the World App.

The design requirements of the Orb’s software are driven by its unique purpose of verifying humanness, setting unprecedented standards for a biometric device.

These requirements emphasize privacy, security, transparency, and verifiability, influencing every aspect of the software’s development.

The compute stack of the Orb, meticulously crafted by Tools for Humanity, features the NVIDIA Jetson at its core, processing five camera streams to verify World IDs swiftly. With additional microcontrollers for real-time controls and a secure element for cryptographic operations, the Orb’s software ecosystem is robust and secure.

Key software components, such as the image capture function and the biometric pipeline, play a crucial role in the Orb’s verification process, ensuring the authenticity of images and generating iris codes efficiently.

The implementation of advanced technologies like neural networks and Gabor filters underscores the Orb’s commitment to accuracy and security.

Components Available Today

Component NameDescription
orb-coreThe main application on the Orb, which includes the World ID verification flow.

Today’s release is a fork of an internal version, with fraud checks removed.
orb-attestUses the secure element to generate an ephemeral authentication token for backend communication.
orb-secure-elementInterface to the dedicated secure element.
orb-firmwareFirmware that runs on the Orb’s main MCU.
orb-messagesProtobuf definitions for talking with the main MCU.
orb-uiManages the lights and sounds on the Orb.
orb-canRust wrapper for using CAN on Linux.
orb-security-utilsLibrary for common security-sensitive tasks in Rust.
orb-backend-stateGets the Orb’s state from the backend. Currently unused.
orb-slot-ctrlManages the boot slot of the Orb via EFI variables.
seek-cameraSafe Rust wrapper for the thermal camera.
thermal-cam-utilUtility tool for management of the thermal camera.

Privacy and security remain paramount in the Orb’s development, evidenced by rigorous audits and the implementation of features like “Personal Custody” for user-controlled data.

The focus on transparency and verifiability underscores the Foundation’s commitment to maintaining high standards of privacy and security.

Looking ahead, efforts will concentrate on enhancing openness in development, minimizing reliance on closed-source components, and supporting decentralized audits.

The Orb aims to set a precedent for secure and privacy-centric technologies in the AI landscape and beyond.

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