Xecure Launches Mobile Security App to Combat Rising Phone Theft in Kenya

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In response to the alarming surge in mobile phone theft incidents, Xecure, a cutting-edge mobile security application, has officially made its debut in the Kenyan market.

With smartphones now serving as repositories of sensitive data and essential tools for daily communication and tasks, the necessity for heightened protection has never been more pronounced.

According to the latest annual crime report by the Police, various forms of theft, including mobile device theft, account for a staggering 21% of all reported crimes in Kenya.

Just last month, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations apprehended a suspected kingpin of mobile theft, seizing hundreds of stolen devices at his premises.

Recognizing the severity of the issue, the Communications Authority of Kenya has initiated plans to block stolen phones from accessing any mobile networks within the country.

Xecure has emerged as a formidable solution, offering four distinct security modes tailored to provide comprehensive protection across various usage scenarios.

Pocket/Bag Mode utilizes proximity sensors to detect unauthorized access when the phone is stored in a pocket or bag.

Desk Mode comes into play when the phone is placed on a desk or table, utilizing motion sensors to detect any movement.

Charging Mode activates when the phone is connected to its charger, ensuring security during charging sessions.

Headphones Mode engages when the user is using their wired headsets, ensuring protection during audio sessions.

What sets Xecure apart is its touch-sensitive alarm system. Even if a thief manages to physically touch the phone, the application responds with a blaring alarm, drawing immediate attention to the theft attempt and potentially thwarting it.

In addition to these advanced security features, Xecure also boasts a SIM-change alert system. If a thief attempts to swap the phone’s SIM card, the app sends an immediate notification to the user’s registered email address, enabling swift action to protect personal information.

Charles Maxwell Opondo, CEO of Xecure, expressed his vision for the app, stating that the launch of Xecure aims at revolutionizing mobile phone security in Kenya.

“Our goal is to empower individuals to protect their smartphones and the valuable data they contain, ultimately reducing phone theft incidents and providing peace of mind to users. In a country where mobile phones have become indispensable to daily life, Xecure stands as a formidable ally against the rising tide of phone theft. With Xecure, users can reclaim control over their devices and protect their digital world more effectively.”

Xecure is now available for download on the Google Play Store for Android devices, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of smartphone users.

During its initial launch phase, the app is available with an introductory subscription offer of KES. 99 per month or KES. 999 per year.

However, this pricing will soon transition to KES. 199 per month and KES. 1,499 per year, making it an ideal time for Kenyan smartphone users to secure their devices with Xecure’s cutting-edge protection.

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