Xsolla acquires Lightstream, Rainmaker, and API.stream for gaming content revolution

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Global video game commerce company, Xsolla has announced the acquisition of Lightstream, Rainmaker, and API.stream from Videndum, the parent company.

These cutting-edge tools are set to revolutionize the world of content creation and distribution.

This acquisition highlights Xsolla’s recognition of the immense value that creators bring to the gaming industry. The company is committed to building and strengthening relationships with talent agencies, creators, and their audiences.

Already serving as a comprehensive solution for developers and publishers, the Xsolla Partner Network offers various revenue and rewards opportunities.

With the addition of Lightstream, Rainmaker, and API.stream, Xsolla will enable creators to go live within seconds through cloud streaming services, request free keys from game developers, participate in referral programs, create branded web shops, and sell digital goods for games in Xsolla’s portfolio.

Lightstream, a cloud-based streaming studio, allows creators to effortlessly produce and share live content. By integrating Lightstream’s technology, Xsolla will simplify the process of initiating live streams, making it more accessible and user-friendly.

The Rainmaker platform empowers creators to manage and expand their audience while maximizing revenue opportunities. Integrating Rainmaker’s tools into the Xsolla Partner Network will provide creators with a comprehensive suite of features designed to optimize audience engagement, monetization, and distribution of free keys.

API.stream is a team of talented engineers dedicated to advancing the future of live-streaming production. With their expertise in live cloud-native output, API.stream has opened up new possibilities for creative expression in live streaming.

Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla, expressed the company’s commitment to supporting creators and providing them with the necessary tools for success.

He emphasized that the acquisition of Lightstream, Rainmaker, and API.stream further strengthens Xsolla’s dedication to delivering value to the gaming community, making the Xsolla Partner Network an all-encompassing solution for developers, publishers, creators, and their audiences.

Xsolla reassures current Lightstream users that the platform will continue to operate smoothly, maintaining ongoing partnerships with Microsoft, Xbox, Twitch, and Steelseries. The acquisition aims to enhance the user experience by providing additional resources and features.

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