Safaricom Unveils 3 Innovative Platforms at Decode 2.0 Summit

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Safaricom Thursday unveiled three new platforms, comprising the Entertainment Hub, the Safaricom Developer Portal, and the revamped M-PESA Daraja API at Decode 2.0 summit.

The Safaricom Entertainment Hub is a comprehensive customer content platform that consolidates all Safaricom content, encompassing video, music, gaming, education, and more. This hub will serve as a one-stop shop with a seamless payment gateway for all types of content.

In contrast, the Safaricom Developer Portal is a web-based platform serving as a central hub for software developers, offering essential resources and tools to streamline the development process, enhance efficiency, and improve productivity. The portal boasts a user-friendly and responsive interface, focusing on enhancing the developer experience while maintaining a commitment to code quality and security.

The M-PESA Daraja API Gateway Developers Portal has undergone a significant revamp with a hybrid cloud architecture, advanced API billing and monetization capabilities, self-service ticketing for API issues, and improved API documentation. This revamp promises a superior developer experience, ensuring that customer and partner-initiated transactions are completed even more swiftly.

Additionally, Safaricom showcased a demonstration of Digital Twin, an AI-powered technology that generates a lifelike digital replica of a human in the form of audio or video, responding to new requests as an actual human would.

The summit, with the Head of Public Service, Felix Koskei, as its Chief Guest, aimed to highlight the strides made in meeting the evolving needs of the Kenyan and African tech industry, particularly in the face of new challenges and opportunities brought forth by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Fintech.

Felix Koskei, Head of Public Service, expressed his confidence in Safaricom and the tech community’s ability to support the Kenyan government’s digital agenda, aimed at transforming the country’s economy and society through technology, enhancing service delivery, and promoting transparency and accountability.

The summit provided participants with a glimpse of Safaricom’s engineering practices and products, especially in Fintech, such as the Safaricom AWS Deep Racer experience, Virtual Reality experiences, games, and other innovations from partners and sponsors.

Peter Ndegwa, Safaricom CEO, emphasized the company’s vital role in Kenya’s digital and tech ecosystem and its commitment to empowering the engineering community through initiatives like Safaricom Decode, fostering knowledge exchange and showcasing exceptional skills in line with national strategies and the promotion of financial inclusion.

Safaricom’s Engineering Community has grown to over 5,000 members across Kenya in the past year. The company plans to expand and certify 1,400 members from various counties in a one-year program called ‘Accelerate by Safaricom.’

This program will provide training in areas such as Fintech, IoT, Robotic Process Automation, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Analytics, and 5G.

Upon graduation, the top 200 students will have the opportunity for internships at Safaricom, while the rest will be placed in the Industry Digital Talent Program.

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