Twiva Named Best Social Commerce Platform in Middle East and Africa

Aiden Kiprop
By Aiden Kiprop 4 Min Read

Influencer-powered social commerce platform, Twiva has been awarded the title of Best Online Social Commerce Platform in the Middle East and Africa region.

The Middle East and Africa Business Awards recognizes businesses and individuals that make significant positive contributions to the region, fostering success and impactful change. Twiva’s achievement underscores its pivotal role in advancing social commerce within the region, benefiting both local and global communities.

Since its establishment, Twiva has been instrumental in enabling influencers to monetize their influence and interests by reselling products from merchants and earning from these transactions. Through their platform, they offer a dynamic space for businesses to engage with influencers, expanding their reach and driving sales.

Through harnessing the potential of influencer marketing, Twiva facilitates authentic and efficient interactions between brands and their target audiences.

Twiva is committed to creating digital employment opportunities for young people, recognizing the importance of equipping them with relevant skills in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Through their platform, they provide job opportunities for young influencers, empowering them to leverage their creativity and digital skills to generate a sustainable income.

Grace Gikonyo, the Head of Marketing and PR at Twiva, expressed gratitude for the award, emphasizing the team’s dedication and commitment to excellence.

She highlighted Twiva’s mission to assist brands in accessing markets by utilizing social media influencers for marketing and sales purposes, thereby reshaping the retail landscape in Africa.

Twiva has established itself as a frontrunner in the social commerce sector, introducing an innovative business model and ensuring operational efficiency. The company’s focus on innovation solidifies its position as a key player in the industry.

According to a report by Research and Markets, social commerce is set to become a significant force in the digital retail sector in the Middle East and Africa, with an expected annual growth rate of 34.0%, reaching US$12.58 billion by 2025. The report predicts substantial growth in social commerce Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) in the region, projecting an increase to US$42.54 billion by 2029.

This growth is supported by factors such as increased internet connectivity, smartphone adoption, affordable data costs, extensive social media usage, and a young population spending more time online. The Middle East and Africa are creating a conducive environment for the expansion of social commerce.

Leveraging Kenya’s vast digital landscape with 22.71 million internet users, Twiva offers a groundbreaking platform that ensures a seamless and swift shopping experience, with deliveries promised within 24-48 hours through influencer-curated e-shops. With a diverse range of businesses and resellers, Twiva leads the way in Kenya, redefining the shopping experience through innovation.

Peter Kironji, CEO & Co-founder of Twiva, highlighted the remarkable growth of social commerce in Africa, particularly among SMEs utilizing social platforms to enhance sales and customer engagement.

In response to evolving market dynamics post-COVID, Twiva aims to attract more users to its platform by integrating social features to create a community-driven shopping experience. The company is committed to enabling businesses to connect more meaningfully with customers, leveraging social commerce to drive growth and success in Africa’s digital marketplace.

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